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If you are looking to build your FileMaker solution into a native app for Android, iOS or Mac, you are in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a good solution to online/offline syncing, or need a replacement for the FileMaker Runtime, LiveCode for FileMaker can help.

What You Get

30 Days Free Trial

Get to grips with compiling your FileMaker solution for Android, iOS or Mac completely risk free. Pick your license below and sign up for 30 days of free trial. Cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period.

Onboarding One to One Sessions

During your 30 days free trial, you will be encouraged to book at least one onboarding session with us via Zoom, to ensure you are set up correctly and hit the ground running with our compiler tool. If you need further sessions we will be happy to provide them. After purchase you will receive access to our online bookings calendar.


Due to the custom nature of many FileMaker solutions it may be necessary for us to customize the compiler tool for you. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for this during your 30 day free trial of the tool. We are happy to sign an NDA with you if you need assurance that your code is safe with us.

Up to 250 users

You can choose the Starter 5 user pack, or if you have more than 5 users pick from either the 3 platform option or the single deployment platform option. Both of these give you a generous allowance of up to 250 users.

Need More?

If you need more than 250 concurrent users for your app, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a custom quote for you.

Pick Your License

Do you need 5 users or 50? How many platforms are you deploying to? Choose your licensing tier below.



Ideal for those who need Android, iOS & Mac deployment
Three deployment platforms.
Maximum of 250 users.

Get 1 month free.
Then $1999 per year

Premium | Start Free Trial



Ideal for those who just need to deliver on a single platform.
Choose from Android, iOS or Mac at checkout.
Maximum of 250 users.

Get 1 month free
Then $999 per year

Standard | Start Free Trial



Excellent for small users and testing.
Three deployment platforms.
5 users.

Get 1 month free
Then $499 per year

Starter | Start Free Trial

LiveCode for FM Purchase Guarantee
Your first 30 days are completely free. We’ll work with you during your trial to get you set up and running successfully. If you are not happy that our product is working for you just cancel the subscription within this period and pay nothing.

Terms and Conditions

Cancel any time during your 30 day trial and owe us nothing. If you continue to use LiveCode for FM after 30 days your card will be charged. All licenses are annual subscriptions, you can cancel at any time and your license will run to the end of your subscription period. Licenses are per named app, you need a new license for every new app you ship. You can rebuild your named app as many times as you like using our compiler.

Defining a User
A “user” is anyone using the app you build using LiveCode for FileMaker. We count them within any one 6 hour window, so if you have 10 users that all log on at 9am on a Monday morning, then you have 10 users. If they open the app at different times during the day however, you probably have 4 or 5 users within 1 6 hour period. If your users log on once a week, at different times, then you probably only have 2-3 actual concurrent users. Don’t forget that a developer of the app (you, or your team if you are not doing the development yourself) is also a user, you need to allow for this in your user count.

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