Write Custom FileMaker Functions

We know learning a new tool can be challenging, so we wrote a plugin for FileMaker with all the good stuff to get you started. LiveCode is an easy to learn English like programming language, so writing custom functions is simple. We created a screen in our plugin that lets you explore a few sample functions, run them on test data and see the output. You can also create new functions and refine them until perfect. The best bit – all functions are automatically installed into FileMaker so you can start using them in your solutions right away.

LiveCode for FM - functions

Build Custom Components

Custom components are a way of adding complex functionality to your FileMaker solutions. You will find a screen in our plugin with sample components which you can use unchanged, or customize in LiveCode to meet your specific needs. As you become more familiar with LiveCode, you can start to write your own components from scratch and install them from this screen. Our guide to creating your own components and our discussion forums are fantastic resources to get your started.

Components - LiveCode to FileMaker

Custom Form Builder

We have provided a form building tool to give you an idea of what can be built for FileMaker using LiveCode. We hope it both inspires you to create your own components, while also providing something really useful for your FileMaker solutions right away. Create forms in seconds by dragging out the inputs and pop them up from anywhere in your solution using one function call. Simple!

LiveCode for FileMaker - Forms