Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked pricing questions

Yes, we do. Please contact us for Educational or Non-profit pricing. You will need to provide proof of educational or non-profit status within 7 days of completing your purchase. We define “educational” as anyone using LiveCode for FM in an educational setting either teaching or learning, where it is not used to generate any commercial income. Acceptable proof would be a teacher ID, a student ID, or a website link listing the purchaser in an appropriate role in an educational establishment. Non-profit is defined as a registered charity in whatever country you are purchasing from, and you will need to provide proof of charitable status. Please note that in most circumstances we would not regard a governmental organisation as a charity or non-profit.

Yes. Please contact us for a customized quote on concurrent licensing.

Concurrent use means two users or more are online and accessing the FM server at the same time. A concurrent license is required when you do not have names for these users or they change frequently. For example if your app is distributed to the general public via an app store, you are likely to need concurrent licensing. We define “at the same time” as within a 6 hour period.

Yes we do. To qualify for offline licensing your app must never connect to a FileMaker server at any point in its lifecycle, even to log in a user for the first time. Simply select this option on our pricing page.

A user is anyone who uses either LiveCode for FM the tool – eg your developers – or anyone who accesses the built app – your end users

We define “online” as ever connecting back to a FileMaker server. Your app can call urls, connect to eg mySQL databases or show browser pages and still count as offline for our licensing purposes. It becomes online when it touches a FileMaker server.

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