Making FileMaker Even Better

How it works

How do you turn your FileMaker solution into a fully fledged app, for Android, iOS or Mac?

Getting Started

(The Basics)

1. Drag & Drop

Using Fast Start, simply drag your FileMaker Solution onto our compiler tool. The compiler speeds through the process of extracting your solution framework and data. You will see it driving FileMaker, and giving you progress updates on how it’s getting on.

2. Get Your Report

During the compile process, we generate a report for you, detailing any features that LiveCode for FM might not yet support, or might support slightly differently to FileMaker. You can save this report for future reference. It can be incredibly useful, pointing you to any small changes you could make for optimal performance of your app.

3. Test Your App

Once the compile is complete, you can immediately test your app, either on Mac or direct on an Android device or simulator. (iOS is not available in Fast Start, you can add this later). Just plug in your device and see your app running.

Go! DIY or Partner?

If your Feature Report didn’t throw up any obvious issues you might need help with, your app is running well and you don’t feel you need help with any other aspect of the process, then you are all set. Get your User Pack, add some fine tuning and get your app out there in the hands of your clients and customers.

If you did see some missing features your app needs to run well, or you’d like more support, get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to partner with you to add those features as soon as we can.

Tweaking Your Project

Syncing, iOS and More

Getting Sync Ready

If you are not connecting back to FileMaker Cloud or Server then the steps above are all you need. For syncing, edit your Fast Start project using the Regular Start process. The tool will guide you through making the changes you need for online/offline syncing.

Deploy to iOS

You can deploy to iOS from the Regular Start option, or by editing an existing project set up in Fast Start. Watch out for other platforms coming soon!

Fine Tuning

Your app will need icons, it may need permissions to use e.g. the camera or microphone, you may want to tweak how the syncing is set up for your special circumstances, you might want to restrict the target devices (particularly for Android devices) or use custom url schemes. We have options galore for you to make sure it’s all set up to work just the way you want it.

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