Making FileMaker Even Better

How it works

How do you turn your FileMaker solution into a fully fledged app, for Android, iOS or Mac?

Getting Started

1. Get a Quote

Ask us for a quote. Tell us about your project and what you need. Our friendly and committed team will get right back to you for a detailed discussion of your project.

We will analyze your app, detail any features LiveCode for FM might need added to support your project, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote customized for your exact needs.

2. We Customize a Solution for You

We use our LiveCode for FM tool to adapt your FileMaker solution into a standalone (runtime) app. This includes adding any custom features that are needed for your project. You get a fully working project to test.

Once the customization process is complete we’ll hand you back your app, along with our LiveCode for FM tool allowing you to continue the development process.

3. Refine and Deploy your App

You now have a fully functional app ready for testing and deployment on the platform(s) of your choice.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of the process. Because you have our development tool you can continue to refine, develop and deploy your app yourself, and, of course, we’re just a click away if you need us.

Unleash your FileMaker App

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