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If you want your FileMaker solution to become a native app for Android, iOS or Mac, you are in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a good solution to online/offline syncing, or need a replacement for the FileMaker Runtime, we can help.

This is a custom process, we will build your app for you using our unique compiler tools. We can offer a range of services from a simple initial compile right through to submitting your app to the app stores for you.


We offer the following standard services:

  • Set up your file for online/offline syncing back to FileMaker Server
  • Compile for Android, iOS or Mac, or for all three
  • Submit to the iOS app store and/or Google Play store
  • Rebuild your app annually for you OR
  • Provide you with the compiler tool to rebuild for yourself.

We can quote for each of these elements separately, just let us know what you need.


We can also look at Web or Windows deployment for you. This is not yet available via our existing compiler tool so could cost quite a lot more than the average quote.

If you would like to move your app out of FileMaker altogether we can help you with this too – talk to us! 

Annual subscription

Once we have built your app for you there is an annual subscription based on the number of users for your app. Up to 5 concurrent users costs $499/year,  up to 250 concurrent users for one platform costs $999/year, and up to 250 concurrent users for all three platforms costs $1999/year. If you need more than that we are happy to provide you with a customized quote.

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