LCFM Native 1.3 – Faster Android Graphics and 35 Improvements

Progress on LCFM Native continues rapidly. We’ve made some big steps forward in 1.3. The most notable is that we’ve greatly improved the graphic display performance of apps on all platforms, and most particularly on Android. Better Performance That means your apps now render and respond to user interaction faster. You’ll notice improvements on any … Continued

LCFM Native 1.2 Launched

LCFM Native 1.2 has arrived. It’s been 11 days since LCFM Native 1.1 but we’ve still managed pack a lot of improvements into this release. Notable improvements include the addition of the OnLayoutSizeChange trigger and adding support for find requests containing values for related fields.

LCFM Native 1.1 Ships

We’re delighted to bring you version 1.1 of the LCFM Native compiler today. We’ve packed a lot into a month! This release brings you a host of fixes, features and improvements making your compiler experience smoother and ensuring more apps will run better. Notable improvements include support for automatically rotating orientation on mobile, better support … Continued

LCFM Native 1.0 Launched

The wishes of thousands of FileMaker users have today come true. Your FileMaker solution can now be compiled for Android. Your solution will run as a true native app on Android, iOS and Mac platforms (Windows and Linux coming soon). It will call home to your FileMaker server, keeping your data in sync on whatever … Continued

Beta 4: FM 18 Compatibility, JSON, Popovers and more

We’re delighted to bring you LCFM Native Beta 4 today. This version is a huge step forward, doing away with the time consuming scrape step and adding a raft of big features like popover buttons, JSON functions and send mail. We’ve added compatibility for FileMaker 18 as well as FM17, and by using the new … Continued

Beta 3.3: Improvements to Android, iOS and Runtime deployment

Roll on number three! We’re pleased to announce that the third iteration of beta 3 is ready for testing. This is a busy update, 3.3 offers improvements to performance on mobile, enhancements to Android and iOS deployment, as well as improvements to the Runtime. New Features – Mobile Regarding performance, the responsiveness of scrolling on … Continued

Beta 3.2: Better Sync Options

We’re delighted to say we now have Beta 3.2 available for testing. The major change in this release is we have made some improvements to syncing to give you more control on what is happening and when. New Options New sync options have been added to the sync screen to control when remote record deletions … Continued

Beta 3.1: We’re On A Roll

Folks, thank you so much for all the testing and feedback! Believe it or not, our tech guys just love receiving your error reports. They have been tearing through them and implementing dozens of fixes and features. With the result that today we have LCFM Native Beta 3.1. Some of the improvements included are: The … Continued

Setting Your FileMaker Solution up for Syncing

Video: Setting up the Sample Assets FileMaker solution for sync Syncing your FileMaker solution – Overview LCFM Native allows you to sync your data from your Android app back to your FileMaker database and vice versa. If you don’t want to sync, you don’t need to do this, your app will work without changes. However … Continued

Beta 3 is Ready for YOU

We will not lie to you. This took a bit longer than we had hoped, and required some really deep and intricate coding from our highly talented team. But we have good – no, GREAT – news for you today. It’s Ready for You! LCFM Native Beta 3 brings you the majority of FileMaker feature … Continued