2.1 Launched: Fonts, Attributes, Layout Animations and more

by Heather Laine on April 5, 2022 No comments

We’re excited to bring you LiveCode for FM today, with a strong list of feature additions plus a raft of enhancements and fixes. We also have some new pricing to offer and a 30 day free trial period.

Release Features

Since our last release we have added a significant number of features, including:

  • GetContainerAttribute – over 17 metadata attributes now supported, see release notes for full list
  • Custom font loading – use a custom font for your Android app
  • Removal of dependence on Xcode/macOS version – easier to install and set up for iOS deployment
  • Layout animations – move to a new layout with animation is now supported
  • Scrolling/shrinking popovers – Popovers can now be scrolled, and will resize appropriately to fit window bounds
  • More printing support – buttons and portals can now be printed

Fixes and Enhancements

We’ve also fixed many issues and added a number of smaller enhancements. Some of the more notable items in this list include:

  • Fixed a crash on iOS 15 on startup
  • Resolved a macOS redraw performance issue
  • Resolved an Android printing regression
  • Fixed a rendering performance issue
  • Implemented an number of Local Notification fixes
  • Resolved some crashes on printing
  • Added a default status icon on Android
  • Added a check for encrypted files to give an appropriate error message when an attempt is made to compile an encrypted file.

In total 63 issues have been resolved since our last release. For full details please see the Release Notes included under the Help menu inside the LiveCode for FM compiler tool. To get this release, if you already have an account, just log in here and download it from your Downloads tab. If you don’t already have an account, you can start your free trial by going here.

New Pricing

We have launched our new simpler pricing with this release, to find out what is on offer please go here.

30 Day Trial

As part of the new pricing, your first 30 days of any license is free. We will work with you during this trial period to help you get set up and hit the ground running with our compiler tool. Learn more about the free trial period here.

Heather Laine2.1 Launched: Fonts, Attributes, Layout Animations and more

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