Support for Sonoma, iOS 17

by Heather Laine on November 28, 2023 No comments

Today we are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode for FM version 2.6, which importantly adds support for deploying to iOS 17, as well as offering support for running the compiler tool on Sonoma.

This release brings the following features and enhancements:

  • Building against iOS 17, ensuring you can continue to submit to the iOS app store
  • Supports running the compiler on MacOS 14 Sonoma
  • Scaling when printing is now implemented
  • Better margin handling when printing on Android
  • Compiling when including many fields or tables is now faster
  • Fixed an issue where buttons in portals in popovers took 2 clicks to activate
  • Fixed vertical line graphics stretching when the window bounds exceeded the layout bounds
  • Fixed an issue with Go To Related Record when in a portal
  • Fixed an issue with related fields in portals
  • Fixed some issues with JSONSetElement

To get this release please download the latest compiler from your LiveCode for FM account.

Not got an account? Interested in using LiveCode for FM? Contact us.

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Heather LaineSupport for Sonoma, iOS 17

2.4 released: iOS 16 support

by Heather Laine on April 26, 2023 No comments

We’re delighted to bring you the latest release of LiveCode for FM. iOS apps are now built against version 16.2. To submit to the iOS app store please upgrade to this version.

Other improvements include:

  • Safe area is now respected on iOS
  • Added a “Never push deletions” sync option (records deleted locally will not be deleted from the server)
  • Portals now scroll correctly on iOS
  • Improved support for Valuelists 
  • Fixed various issues with calculations
  • Execute SQL has received tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed a regression where `FoundSet Omit` could omit too many records
  • The “Record Number” merge label now works in all portals
  • Sundry other minor fixes and enhancements

If you already have a trial or a license for LiveCode for FM, please download this release from your account. You will also be prompted to update if you open your existing copy of LiveCode for FM.

If you haven’t already got a license, you can get a free 30 day trial here.

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Heather Laine2.4 released: iOS 16 support

Version 2.2.1 Released: Support for iOS 15 and Android API 31

by Heather Laine on August 11, 2022 No comments

We’re pleased to announce this maintenance release for LiveCode for FM, bringing you support for Apple’s latest SDK and the ability to build against Android API 31.

To ensure compatibility with the latest mobile OS’s we have released LiveCode for FM 2.2.1. You can continue building your apps secure in the knowledge that we are constantly updating and upgrading our technology to keep up with OS changes.

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Heather LaineVersion 2.2.1 Released: Support for iOS 15 and Android API 31

Version 2.2 – Custom Menusets, Printing Improvements, Rotated Text and more

by Heather Laine on July 5, 2022 No comments

We’re delighted today to bring you LiveCode for FM version 2.2. In this release, we have completed many features in the Printing implementation, so if your FileMaker solution needs to eg print invoices, it should all work smoothly now. We’ve also implemented support the Rotated Text and Rotated Image features in FileMaker, added Custom Menusets, and implemented a feature to add headers to a CSV file when exporting. In all we have added 37 features, fixes and enhancements in this release.

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Heather LaineVersion 2.2 – Custom Menusets, Printing Improvements, Rotated Text and more

2.1 Launched: Fonts, Attributes, Layout Animations and more

by Heather Laine on April 5, 2022 No comments

We’re excited to bring you LiveCode for FM today, with a strong list of feature additions plus a raft of enhancements and fixes. We also have some new pricing to offer and a 30 day free trial period.

Release Features

Since our last release we have added a significant number of features, including:

  • GetContainerAttribute – over 17 metadata attributes now supported, see release notes for full list
  • Custom font loading – use a custom font for your Android app
  • Removal of dependence on Xcode/macOS version – easier to install and set up for iOS deployment
  • Layout animations – move to a new layout with animation is now supported
  • Scrolling/shrinking popovers – Popovers can now be scrolled, and will resize appropriately to fit window bounds
  • More printing support – buttons and portals can now be printed
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Heather Laine2.1 Launched: Fonts, Attributes, Layout Animations and more

Ready for Primetime

by Heather Laine on December 7, 2021 No comments

LiveCode for FM is ready to go. After several years of dedicated effort by our team, we’re thrilled our radically overhauled Ben Lui edition (V2.0) is finally out of beta. We’re super excited to be able to compile your FileMaker solutions into native cross-platform apps for you.

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Heather LaineReady for Primetime

Beta 3: Android App Store Bundle Support

by Heather Laine on October 4, 2021 No comments

Today we are pleased to bring you LiveCode for FM Beta 3. In this release we have added support for Android API30 and App Store Bundles.

Smaller Uploads

This means you can submit your apps to the Google Play store using the latest features available plus you no longer need to build an “all in” app with support for all possible formats. You can select your supported app formats and have separate uploads for each of them, making your app download for end users smaller and lighter.

M1 Plugin Support

As well as API30 support, we’ve also added native support on M1 Macs for the plugin LiveCode for FM needs to run.

40 Fixes and Enhancements

This release brings over 40 fixes and enhancements to the tool experience as well as to your compiled apps. Some stability issues on Big Sur have been addressed and tool usability improved. We have also highlighted the branding of LiveCode for FM throughout the tool, and the Android Build Service has been replaced by our very popular Partner Program offering which you can learn more about here.

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Heather LaineBeta 3: Android App Store Bundle Support

Introduction to LCFM Ben Lui – Webinar Replay

by Heather Laine on May 5, 2021 1 comment

The following is a recording of an introduction to Ben Lui webinar. The webinar includes;

  1. A demo of the LCFM Native tool
  2. A demo of a finished app running on an Android device
  3. An LCFM customer interview with FileMaker developer Stephen Bennett from EYE.T software
  4. A sneak peek at LCFM Native web deployment
  5. A question and answer session
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Heather LaineIntroduction to LCFM Ben Lui – Webinar Replay

LCFM Ben Lui Public Beta Launched with Free Trial

by Heather Laine on April 22, 2021 No comments

Folks, we have so much to unpack from the title above I just don’t know where to start. Do you want to hear about Ben Lui, the public beta or the free trial first? It’s all great news for you. Not to mention we’ve lowered the pricing barrier to entry…

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Heather LaineLCFM Ben Lui Public Beta Launched with Free Trial