Ready for Primetime

by Heather Laine on December 7, 2021 No comments

LiveCode for FM is ready to go. After several years of dedicated effort by our team, we’re thrilled our radically overhauled Ben Lui edition (V2.0) is finally out of beta. We’re super excited to be able to compile your FileMaker solutions into native cross-platform apps for you.

Why use LiveCode for FM?

FileMaker is great. However there are some areas where to get what you want you need to move outside FileMaker – or do you? Not if you use our software. If you need more users than FileMaker can comfortably support, if you need to deploy to Android, if you’re looking for a replacement for the Runtime, online/offline syncing or you want to deploy a truly native app to app store or desktop, LiveCode for FM can do it for you. We can even add new features native FileMaker doesn’t support to your app. Without you needing to leave your FileMaker skills behind. 

Sounds amazing! How does it work?

It’s a process. Let’s face it, we’re the experts. We’ve spent years compiling FileMaker solutions of all kinds into native apps on Mac, iOS and Android. We can compile your apps for you, on the target platforms you want. We’ll sort out any new features you need and do the syncing for you. Partner up to get your app deployed where you want it to go! Once we’ve worked together to produce the app you are looking for, we hand over both your built app and the compiler tool for you to go on developing and updating your own app into the future. 

Awesome. When can we start?

We’d love to work with you, as soon as we can. Due to the popularity of the program, we have room for just a few more projects this month and next month. If you want us to start yours get in touch now.

New Features and Fixes

We’ve added a lot since the last release, with an emphasis on new features that FileMaker alone does not support. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Monterey support
  • Container GetWidth/GetHeight functions
  • UUIDNumber function
  • Sync completion timeout and associated extended script steps
  • Background location tracking and associated extended script steps
  • SQL ORDER BY and comparators in WHERE clause
  • Ability to use or not use system autocorrect in fields
  • Ability to use French function names in expressions
  • Updated iOS status bar style options
  • Select and delete multiple projects in the compiler tool
  • About 60 fixes and enhancements.

We’re ready to go! Are you?

Get in touch today.

Heather LaineReady for Primetime

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