Your FileMaker solutions as native apps on Android, iOS & Mac.

Build beautiful, powerful, flexible native apps from your FileMaker layouts

Our new tool lets you take an existing FileMaker layout, run it through the compiler, and deploy it as a native Android app. No coding required. Just run it through our LCFM Native Compiler, choose your platform and stay synced up with your FileMaker server.

Synchronize data perfectly as your app goes online and offline

Today’s users expect that your app can handle those moments with poor signal or no connection. Your new app will be capable of working offline and will sync whenever it gets a connection. Ideal for remote locations, sites without reliable internet, apps that are used on the go where internet may drop in and out… in fact the robust, modern solution your users need.

Compile FileMaker Solutions to Android, iOS & Mac

For the first time ever you can deploy your FileMaker Go and Desktop solutions to Android and if you want to experience all the benefits of LCFM Native with your existing mobile solutions, you can deploy to iOS and Mac too.

Keep your data within FileMaker

Provide a great user experience in mixed environments. You have your data in FileMaker and want to deploy additional operating systems. Your native app keeps the data in FileMaker together with all the relationships you’ve created.

Your solution features faithfully represented

Because you are creating a native app, you are not limited to web-only features. Need to take a photo and upload it? Access the location data on the device? Scan a barcode? Whatever your FileMaker Solution can do, your LCFM Native app will do the same.

The Top 300 Drug Guide was developed in Filemaker Pro, and emerged as the iOS App with very little drama, as expected. LiveCode then enabled a seamless Android conversion, saving a great deal of time, complexity and frustration. The LiveCode team are as responsive and professional as their software..

LCFM Customer – Dr. Jonathan Upfal

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88% of FileMaker features now supported

We’ve now moved from private testing to our first public beta with a free trial product. With 88% of the FileMaker feature set currently supported we have customers already shipping sophisticated solutions on Android. This statistic means that the majority of apps are now working out of the box. In our testing of 82 varied apps, 70% of apps are running well with only 4% of apps not running at all.

Do it yourself? or
Let us do it for you?

With our free trial you can get your solution running on Android in minutes. The detailed feature report will show you exactly what features in your solution are fully supported, partially supported or not yet supported. If after testing your solution everything is working well and all your critical features are supported then we recommend going ahead with our self service option. If however you find some critical features are missing, this does not mean the end of the road for your Android app! With our Android Build Service we will get your solution running on Android by adding the required features to the LCFM Native tool and testing it thoroughly on our wide range of devices. Take a look at our case studies to read about customers who are already shipping on Android.

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