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LiveCode for FM brings the world's only native app building platform for everyone to FileMaker. Drag-drop to create a full user interface experience, include rich graphics and multimedia, write code in English to crunch data from any source, or integrate your FileMaker app with the operating system or web APIs. The combination of LiveCode and FileMaker brings infinite possibilities to your FileMaker apps. Get started with our free trial and prebuilt sample solutions today.

LiveCode for FM - Supercharge

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LiveCode for FM is bursting with functionality straight out the box. We have developed tons of ready made functionality so you don't have to. Take advantage of the powerful LiveCode programming language with our functions plugin, build beautiful visual dialogs with our forms component, try out our video capture or Google Drive browser or build your own in the visual LiveCode development environment. Check back regularly for more ready made components (including an image editor in beta 2).


Use the Forms tab in the LiveCode for FM workspace to create custom user input dialog windows. Choose from a range of input controls to quickly build forms and pop them up them from anywhere in your FileMaker layouts. No coding required. Create custom dialogs using text display, text entry, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down menus and sliders. You can use these dialogs in your FileMaker solution by setting the initial values and getting the values the user selects.

LiveCode for FileMaker - Forms


Use the Functions tab to try out your functions on test data. Alter the input to see how it works with your data. Make tweaks to the function to get it doing exactly what you need it to. Create new functions from LiveCode snippets or even write your own. All custom functions are kept in sync with FileMaker so there is no compiling or installation. Download LiveCode for FM and start supercharging your apps.

LiveCode for FM - functions

Custom Components

Use the Components tab to access pre installed components and to install new ones. LiveCode for FM comes with pre installed components that you can take advantage of out of the box. Components can be UI windows (like our video capture window) or libraries of functions. Discover how easy it is to connect to web services with our Google Drive component, view and manipulate PDF's with our PDF selection component, or install your own at the click of a button.

LiveCode for FM - Components

LiveCode Platform

LiveCode - Drag Drop

LiveCode Platform

Use the LiveCode for FM development tool and drag the fully featured controls you need from the Tools Palette onto your component. Place them where you want, resize, and customise their properties to change their appearance and behaviour. Develop your component further with the LiveCode language that is designed to be expressive, readable, memorable and as close as possible to the way you speak and think. That means you write up to 90% less code compared to traditional languages and achieve powerful functionality easier inside your FIleMaker solution.

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All trials come with forms, custom function, sample components and access to the LiveCode development tool