Making FileMaker Even Better

Add Custom Features

FileMaker is an excellent tool for creating database driven custom apps fast, with many essential features. However, sooner or later you are bound to want to do something it doesn’t do natively.

Custom Features

The LiveCode for FM solution to missing features is to add them. Naturally. We do this via the “Extended Script Steps” interface. You add these special script steps to your solution and the compiler knows how to run them. In the original FileMaker solution the code does nothing, but when run in your LiveCode for FM app it magically adds the desired functionality.

Our Secret Weapon

We use LiveCode to extend the FileMaker feature set. Since this platform supports Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and Server, it is fast and efficient for us to add native features from these platforms to LiveCode for FM. Once we have added something via an Extended Script Step, it becomes available for use in all LiveCode for FM apps.


Some functionality we have added so far includes background location tracking, AV recording functions and of course our custom syncing script steps.

No Limits

Now you can really push the boundaries, and get whatever features you need for your favorite FileMaker development environment. If you want something added to your LiveCode for FM app that you can’t do in FileMaker at the moment, contact us today.

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