Making FileMaker Even Better

New Connectable Runtime

LiveCode for FM lets you build a true application for Mac, (Windows) iOS or Android, which does not need FileMaker to run. You can give your clients an independent app, which runs without them needing their own FileMaker license, or having to install FileMaker at all. Like the legacy Runtime apps you used to be able to create, but even better! No more hassle for your clients, just run your FileMaker solution file through our compiler, and create a professional self contained app. Something you might need to spend $100,000’s on to develop as an app in the traditional way becomes possible with the simple combination of FileMaker and LiveCode for FM.

Runtime is Back on All Platforms

The benefits of creating an online or offline Runtime app with LiveCode for FM:

Your customers do not need to install FileMaker

Your app can be distributed in any App Store

Use standard App Store update mechanisms to push out updates

No need to redevelop your app

Re-deploy your FileMaker solution using the skills you already have


Yes, that’s right. If you choose to, you can sync the data in your app back to a FileMaker Server or Cloud. Your clients can add data or fetch new data from the server and see it displayed in their desktop or mobile app. This means for example that if you decided to remain with Go for the iOS part of your app distribution, but want to use LiveCode for FM for your Android offering, your data will still stay in sync across your entire FileMaker ecosystem. For the very best and most consistent experience, we recommend you use LiveCode for FM on every platform.

Opening up the App Stores

You can use LiveCode for FM to create an app for the app stores on any of the platforms we support. That includes the Google Play Store, the iOS App store, Mac App store and Windows App store. On all platforms except iOS, you can also distribute your app directly to your customers, for example by download from your website, without going through a store.

Serverless Scalable Apps

What if you don’t need to connect back to FileMaker Server or Cloud to get your data? We cater for that too. We split LiveCode for FM apps into “online” or “offline”. By “online” we mean your app connects to FileMaker server or Cloud to sync data back or receive new data from other users. “Offline” means your app does not connect back to FileMaker. It can however connect to any other data source, eg MySQL, or to a webpage to display or pull in data.

Our license pricing is lower for “offline” apps and we even have an option for unlimited users, which allows you to create a truly scalable App store app. Open up your apps to a worldwide audience.

Unleash your FileMaker App

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