Need a little help? Short on time, big on results? We can partner with you to get your app built as smoothly as possible. This can be anything from a full Build Service, or a structured partnership providing guidance for you or your team to get your LiveCode for FM app up and running fast. We can add custom features for you too! Get in touch and discuss what kind of partnership works for you.

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Send us your FileMaker solution or if you prefer keep your app inhouse and use our service to fast track your learning. Ask us to prioritize adding features we don’t yet support that your app needs. Something not working quite right with your compiled app? We’ll get it sorted. We’ll invite you to a dedicated Slack channel where you can interact directly with our team. Ask questions, send us sample scripts, and let us know if you encounter issues. Get direct face to face online zoom sessions where we can do screensharing and unstick you if you have specific issues. Never dealt with app stores before? We have, and can advise on how to get through to publication. If you need us to use our test suite of devices to test your final app before shipping, we can do that for you. Whatever you need in relation to getting your LiveCode for FM app out there, we will be here in a timely fashion to help you with it.

The Partner Program costs $1999 initially and includes a credit towards your first user pack, provided it is purchased within 6 months, up to the value of the Partner Program.

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If you just want to get the job done, we can do everything for you. You give us a FileMaker solution, and we give you an app for whichever platforms you are targeting. We run your solution through the LiveCode for FM software and make any tweaks required to get your app running perfectly on the target platforms. If your solution requires features of FileMaker we haven’t implemented yet – we’ll implement them. We’ll fix bugs and resolve any incompatibilities. We’ll test on a range of devices – if you have a specific target device in mind let us know and we’ll get one to test on if we don’t have it already*. We’ll even give you a working project at the end of the process so you can maintain and update the app yourself going forward. All we need from you is a finished FileMaker solution you want to convert to a LiveCode for FM app.

Get in touch below to get the ball rolling on a custom quote and timescale for your needs.

The Top 300 Drug Guide was developed in Filemaker Pro, and emerged as the iOS App with very little drama, as expected. LiveCode then enabled a seamless Android conversion, saving a great deal of time, complexity and frustration. The LiveCode team are as responsive and professional as their software..

LCFM Customer – Dr. Jonathan Upfal

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Ready to join the Partner Program? Access to the Partner Program is a fixed fee of $1999. When you are ready to ship your app we will provide you with a store credit of up to $1999 to go towards your user pack purchase.

The LiveCode for FM Partner Program has already helped bring FileMaker projects to life as standalone apps on multiple platforms and we would love to do the same for your project.

Once you have completed your Partner Program purchase a member of our team will be in touch to welcome you onto the program and talk you through the next steps towards getting your app working perfectly with LCFM

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Got Questions?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions or get in touch using the form below

Yes, we can provide custom script steps to add to your LiveCode for FM app. These work via our plugin, so you will be able to use them again in the future in a FileMaker solution compiled via LiveCode for FM. Please ask us to quote for the particular functionality you are looking for.

Yes, you can get a subscription to LiveCode for FM and do it all yourself. We provide a detailed, step by step, 182 page user guide that takes you through the build process. You might want to do this if you can’t share your solution file with us (note we are happy to sign NDAs where necessary), or to gain the experience you need to rebuild the app yourself whenever you update the FileMaker solution. If you have a relatively straightforward app, this process can be quick and easy, although setup for Android SDK deployment is always a bit fiddly. Once you are set up, it is much easier to make future builds. Quite a lot of the guide relates to initial setup, and once you have done this you rarely need to revisit it.

You should be aware that our coverage of FileMaker features is not yet at 100%. Using our Partner Service ensures we add any missing features you may need. You will then receive the compiler along with your app, with everything your app needs to run. At this point, doing it yourself is a great solution to deploying updates to your app.

To sum up: going it alone is great for simpler solutions that are feature or nearly feature complete (this information is provided by our tool on first run). Getting us to help is ideal if you need features implemented, you have a more complex app or syncing setup, or you haven’t built for Android or iOS before.

Acceptance for this service does depend on the suitability of your solution and the availability of our team. We are confident we can compile most solutions, but before we accept your solution we will need to make an assessment of its suitability. Your FileMaker solution does need to be finished and ready to deploy, with mobile layouts in place.

Yes. We will run your file through on our Mac machines and output an app for you.

Typical turn around, including building, testing and debugging can be in the region of 6-8 weeks, but it depends on your solution.

We will only edit in a very limited way. If you have requested us to make it sync ready, we’ll add the necessary tags, if you want deployment to a named user pack we’ll add the script step needed to action that. We may make small tweaks that we know will help with performance on the target platform. Other than that editing in FileMaker is beyond the scope of this build service. You are the FileMaker expert. We are experts in getting your app onto the Android platform, building it for iOS, or turning it into a Runtime app for Mac.

Yes. We will provide you with a working project which you can edit and update in the future. Your working project will include any new features or fixes we implemented for your app.

For successful deployment with reasonable performance, your target devices must be running Android 7 or later. We also recommend reasonably recent devices with decent performance. Older phones with low specifications may run the app, but more slowly, and/or require more optimisations. Please discuss your target device requirements with us.

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Check out our FAQ above, if we haven’t answered your question then complete our enquiry form. Once we receive your form submission a member of Partner Team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and talk you through the process. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your solution running and shipped with LiveCode for FM

    Terms and Conditions

    *If we need to buy a device to test on, this may incur an extra cost to you. Full deployment to an app store is an extra cost of $500/app. Setting up syncing for you is an extra cost, we will need to provide a custom quote on this after looking at your FileMaker Solution.

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