Beta 4: FM 18 Compatibility, JSON, Popovers and more

by Heather Laine on July 9, 2019 No comments

We’re delighted to bring you LCFM Native Beta 4 today. This version is a huge step forward, doing away with the time consuming scrape step and adding a raft of big features like popover buttons, JSON functions and send mail. We’ve added compatibility for FileMaker 18 as well as FM17, and by using the new XML features in FM18 we are able to export your solution without locking up your machine.

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Heather LaineBeta 4: FM 18 Compatibility, JSON, Popovers and more

Beta 3.2: Better Sync Options

by Heather Laine on April 10, 2019 No comments

We’re delighted to say we now have Beta 3.2 available for testing. The major change in this release is we have made some improvements to syncing to give you more control on what is happening and when.

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Heather LaineBeta 3.2: Better Sync Options

Beta 3.1: We’re On A Roll

by Heather Laine on March 21, 2019 No comments

Folks, thank you so much for all the testing and feedback! Believe it or not, our tech guys just love receiving your error reports. They have been tearing through them and implementing dozens of fixes and features. With the result that today we have LCFM Native Beta 3.1.

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Heather LaineBeta 3.1: We’re On A Roll

The Europe Tour – Taking in Japan

by Heather Laine on November 8, 2018 3 comments

Over the last few weeks our team has been hard at work. While the developers have been head down working like crazy on the tech, our marketing guys have been out and about, spreading the word about LCFM Native. We have attended FileMaker conferences in Liechtenstein, London, Ghent, Madrid and Tokyo, demoing our software and talking to customers and future customers.

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Heather LaineThe Europe Tour – Taking in Japan

Update to Documentation for Beta 1

by Heather Laine on August 24, 2018 No comments

Work on the LCFM Native compiler is continuing apace. We hope to bring you Beta 2 soon, but in the meantime, we know many of you can’t wait to see your solutions compiling for Android. Working with the feedback we have received (thanks to everyone who has sent in the errors generated by the compiler!) we have added some new information to the user guide to help you get a single file solution working in the Beta 1 runtime,

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Heather LaineUpdate to Documentation for Beta 1