Private Beta 12 – Support for FM19 Webviewer features and so much more

by Heather Laine on January 29, 2021 No comments

LCFM Native Beta 12 is available today via the private ETS testing program in conjunction with Claris, with many enhancements particularly to syncing and field manipulation. We’ve also implemented support for the new Webviewer features in FileMaker 19. In total, 45 new functions, commands and script steps were implemented since the last release, bringing our % of support complete for all FileMaker script steps up from 66% to 75% – a major jump. Our overall support for the FileMaker entire feature set now stands at 87.5% – for details of what is and isn’t supported please see this document.

There has been a strong focus on refining the syncing process with many enhancements to speed and reliability. Sync performance has been dramatically improved in many cases – downloading data from the server (particularly on first run) is substantially faster, as is checking for changes against the server. We have added tags for controlling syncing of individual fields so you have really fine grained control over what syncs and when.

The FM19 webviewer related features have been implemented – you can now perform javascript in a webviewer, and the javascript running in the webviewer can call FileMaker scripts.

Fields, Find and Mail
The performance of querying related fields, and manipulating related record sets has been improved in the majority of cases. Find mode has been improved – the wildcard (*) operator has been implemented, and appropriate locale-sensitive validation is now done in find mode. We’ve also implemented Cut/Copy/Paste script steps and Send Mail now supports foundset iteration and multiple emails.

Other notable additions include:

  • Data file script steps
  • Scroll window
  • Get(DocumentsPathListing), Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName) and many more context functions
  • Truncate Table
  • Classic theme scrollbars on portals and fields
  • Enable Touch Keyboard script step / Get(TouchKeyboardState) function

We are seeing a significant jump in the number of solutions that “just run” with over 90% of the features they require fully implemented. We would love to hear your experiences with this release. If you have a purchased license or are a member of the Claris ETS Test program, you can download this version from your LCFM Native account. If you would like pricing information or to find out how to join the test program, please get in touch.

Heather LainePrivate Beta 12 – Support for FM19 Webviewer features and so much more

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