LCFM Private Beta Release adds 112 improvements

by Heather Laine on December 15, 2020 No comments

LCFM Native 1.5 Private Beta 11 shipped today, with a whole pile of early Christmas gifts for you. We’ve made more than 100 improvements, adding features, fixes, functions and script steps for your apps.

A focus in this release is improved syncing speeds and better locale support. The syncing improvements we have made are particularly relevant to solutions with large numbers of tables being synced. In one solution we have been working with, we saw a benefit in syncing time of over 5x faster. Impressive! Also helpful for users with solutions that are not in English, dates, times and number formatting now respect the locale of the file. Additionally, there are 21 fixes and features just around Fields, ensuring that things look, feel and scroll as they should. All in all, this release brings a lot of polish and plenty of new supported features. Some of the highlights:

  • Faster syncing of your data when running your LCFM app, particularly if you have a lot of tables to sync
  • Locales: get dates and times showing in US, EU, UK and more formats. Use the right decimal format for your locale.
  • 19 New Functions: We’ve implemented get and set TriggerKeystroke, get Connection State/Attribute, Host IP address and 14 more functions
  • Printing: Tweaks and improvements to blank record printing, gradients, grouped objects and more
  • Fields: 21 fixes and enhancements to text entries, scrolling, theming and more
  • Script Steps:  We’ve implemented Set Use System Formats and Set Multi-User script steps and added a total of 43 improvements to existing and new script steps.
  • Read the full release notes here.

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Heather LaineLCFM Private Beta Release adds 112 improvements

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