Seizing the Lockdown Opportunity

by Heather Laine on May 7, 2020 No comments

LCFM Native 1.5, Private Beta 7 shipped today.

What do you do if you can’t leave the house? If you’re a software developer the answer is obvious – you write great software!

That’s just what our team has been doing. From our spare rooms, home offices, living room sofas and back bedrooms, we’ve been working harder than ever on finishing up the features and adding polish to LCFM Native. So much so, that our latest release has 501 more new features, fixes and enhancements than the last one. No, we’re not finished yet. (You can check the full list of features implemented here.) But we have come a long way. If, like us, you are unable to leave the house, and maybe you have a bit of time on your hands, you might like to check out the latest and greatest LCFM Native.

Some of the highlights:

  • Portals: we’ve now finished implementing every major area of portals, and most of the minor ones. If your solution uses portals, you should see them faithfully represented now in your LCFM Native app.
  • SQL Queries: we’ve added a bunch of these queries you can now use successfully in your app.
  • Insert from Device: you can now use the full range of camera features on your device. Barcodes have been polished to a high shine, and even got their own torch mode for low light conditions.
  • Valuelists: these caused one of our lead developers a lot of pain over the last month or so, but he has now beaten them into submission and they are behaving just as they should.
  • GetLayoutObjectAttribute: a bunch of new functions have been implemented for this, including width, height, content and source
  • Legacy theming: Button bars, popovers, popover buttons and slide controls on legacy-themed layouts now render correctly. If you are compiling an older solution, its going to look a whole lot better in LCFM now.
  • Tabbing: if you tab around your layout, it should now do what you expect it to. Which is nice.
  • Time and date has had a fair bit of love. You should now get the right date or timestamp in the right format in your compiled app.
  • Checkboxes. You wouldn’t think something so simple could cause so much trouble. And now, it doesn’t.
  • iOS updates: support has been added for the latest Apple iOS SDKs. You can even use dark mode in your app.
  • The LCFM interface itself: its now faster, smoother and cleaner to compile your solution.

If you haven’t looked at LCFM since version 1.3, then this one is a big step forward. We have a brand new UI, which makes compiling your file much faster and easier. Check out our demo video, here:

For the full details of everything we’ve added or improved in this version, settle down with the release notes included in LCFM Native. You’ll need a coffee or two on hand, maybe some biscuits too. It’s a long read.

Not got your compiler yet? Get it here. Be ready with your compiled Android (or iOS, or Mac) App by the time lockdown ends!

Heather LaineSeizing the Lockdown Opportunity

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