LCFM Native at DevCon

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The wishes of thousands of FileMaker users have today come true. Your FileMaker solution can now be compiled for Android.

Your solution will run as a true native app on Android, iOS and Mac platforms (Windows and Linux coming soon). It will call home to your FileMaker server, keeping your data in sync on whatever platforms and devices you and your clients are using. It will even save your data offline and then sync it up again to the server when a connection is restored.

What’s Included

We’ve launched LCFM Native with a feature set we’re confident will run most small to medium size solutions well. We’ve tested extensively on a variety of real world solutions sent to us by our fabulous beta test group, and we have a downloadable sample Android app available here for you to look at and compare to your own needs. We estimate we’ve implemented 95% of the FileMaker UI, 75% of the most widely used and popular functions, and we’ve made a good dent in implementing script steps. As a proof of concept, we’ve compiled the DevCon2Go app released by FileMaker for the conference:

At this point, we are ready for a vast swathe of solution types. It’s time to get out there and start enabling your apps! We have a detailed breakdown document here of what is and is not implemented in 1.0. Anything that is not in this first version, you can rest assured will be coming shortly in a future release. Our aim is 99% coverage of the FM feature set.


One of the great benefits of running your solution via LCFM Native is it offers online and offline syncing to your apps. Run your solution on a multitude of devices, with or without an internet connection. Whenever the app gets a connection, it can sync back to your FileMaker server and update the data. Which can then be shared to any other connected devices. Watch syncing in action:

How it works

You are able to compile your solution to a true native app. Drag your solution onto the compiler, and follow the step by step guides here to get your solution compiled for your target platform. You can currently target Android, iOS and Mac. We will be adding Windows and Linux in future versions. Watch the compile process:

Features in 1.0

Some recently added features in 1.0 include:

  • Portals
  • Custom URL Handling in Web View
  • Card Windows

Previously enabled features during the beta period include (but are not limited to!):

  • JSON functions
  • Send Mail
  • Popover buttons
  • Slide and tab controls
  • Local Data Storage
  • Web Viewer Object
  • Full range of theming
  • Multi file solution support
  • 64 bit Android builds
  • Support for FileMaker 18
  • Set permissions and feature requirements
  • Location and LocationValues functions
  • JSONGetElement
  • Valuelists with secondary field
  • Valuelists with filter table
  • Include deletion check when syncing local changes
  • Minimum interval between checking for remote deletions
  • Parse Import and Export Records
  • Close File script step
  • Close Window script step
  • Sort Records script step
  • Sort Records By Field script step
  • New Window script step
  • Scrolling horizontally
  • Fetching and storing of repeated global fields
  • Field objects scroll into view when the on-screen keyboard is displayed on iOS and Android
  • Field objects respond to mouse and touch events when focused
  • The Omit Record script step
  • OnPanelChange trigger for Slide Controls
  • Get(TriggerCurrentPanel) and Get(TriggerTargetPanel) functions
  • The GetNthRecord() function
  • The ‘Current Script’ setting on button single step actions
  • The ‘Pause Script [ Indefinitely ]’ script step
  • App icons for Android and Mac builds
  • Deploy to Android
  • Deploy to iOS
  • Deploy to Mac
  • FileMaker Mobile Layouts faithfully represented in your native app
  • Use local data storage
  • Sync to FileMaker Server
  • Insert from device, including taking photos and scanning barcodes
  • Signature support
  • Multi file solution support

Get the LCFM Native Compiler, and start compiling your FileMaker solutions for Android today.

Heather LaineLCFM Native at DevCon

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