Beta 3.2: Better Sync Options

by Heather Laine on April 10, 2019 No comments

We’re delighted to say we now have Beta 3.2 available for testing. The major change in this release is we have made some improvements to syncing to give you more control on what is happening and when.

New Options

New sync options have been added to the sync screen to control when remote record deletions are synced. When they are not, the check for remote changes can be done without blocking the user interface, thereby improving user experience when there is nothing to sync. Moreover the blocking part of sync is shorter when deletions are not being checked. The new options are:

  • Include deletion check when syncing local changes – if unchecked, remote deletions will not be synced even when local changes have been committed.
  • Minimum interval between checking for remote deletions – this interval controls how often the scheduled check for remote updates (controlled by the sync interval). It also checks for remote deletions.

When sync is triggered, it is deferred until the next time the app is idle. If there is no connection, the app attempts to connect in the background and only blocks the user interface the next time the app is idle after gaining a connection.

Commit points now only trigger a sync when there is data to sync up to the server. Sync is also triggered whenever the sync interval has elapsed since the last successful sync attempt, regardless of whether or not there is data to sync up.

Other Improvements

  • Import and Export Records now parsed correctly when options are not specified.
  • The Close File script step will now function correctly when run whilst scripts owned by the target file are active, and button actions from windows owned by the target file are running.
  • The Close Window script step will now function correctly when run whilst button actions from it are running.
  • The Sort Records script step will skip any invalid fields when being run rather than cause an error.
  • The Sort Records By Field script step will now be ignored if the chosen field is invalid. 
  • The New Window script step is now partially implemented. All windows new windows have style and any specified window settings and options are ignored.
  • Scrolling horizontally correctly scrolls any layout parts which are anchored to the top and bottom of the window.
  • Fetching and storing of repeated global fields now works correctly.
  • Recalculating global fields which affect non-global fields no longer causes an error when there are no records in their table.
  • Recalculating non-global fields when it has been triggered by a global field change no longer causes an error.
  • Field objects scroll into view when the on-screen keyboard is displayed on iOS and Android.
  • Field objects respond to mouse and touch events when focused.

Please keep on testing and reporting your findings! We are excited to see your solutions coming together and starting to be deployed. The more reports we get, the faster we can implement improvements.

Heather LaineBeta 3.2: Better Sync Options

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