Beta 3.1: We’re On A Roll

by Heather Laine on March 21, 2019 No comments

Folks, thank you so much for all the testing and feedback! Believe it or not, our tech guys just love receiving your error reports. They have been tearing through them and implementing dozens of fixes and features. With the result that today we have LCFM Native Beta 3.1.

Some of the improvements included are:

  • The Omit Record script step now works in Find Mode, as well as omit queries in find requests
  • The OnPanelChange trigger for Slide Control’s is now implemented, as well as the Get(TriggerCurrentPanel) and Get(TriggerTargetPanal) functions
  • The GetNthRecord() function now works
  • The ‘Current Script’ setting on button single step actions now works
  • The ‘Pause Script [ Indefinitely ]’ script step now works
  • App icons now work for Android and Mac builds
  • Any errors which occur during Android builds are now better reported

Please keep it coming! If you’ve been testing with Beta 3, download Beta 3.1 today and tell us what you see. If you haven’t… now is a good time to start.

Don’t assume someone else is testing the features your particular solution needs… Get your hands on LCFM Native and make sure our team knows what your team needs in the next beta.

Heather LaineBeta 3.1: We’re On A Roll

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