Beta 3.3: Improvements to Android, iOS and Runtime deployment

by Chris Colman on April 16, 2019 No comments

Roll on number three! We’re pleased to announce that the third iteration of beta 3 is ready for testing. This is a busy update, 3.3 offers improvements to performance on mobile, enhancements to Android and iOS deployment, as well as improvements to the Runtime.

New Features – Mobile

Regarding performance, the responsiveness of scrolling on mobile has been greatly improved. For those of you testing on either Android or iOS this will be an immediately evident improvement.

Android deployment has now been enhanced with a new requirements section, allowing permissions and feature requirements to be set for the app.

Additionally, for those of you with iOS solutions – deployed iOS apps will now conform to the most recent set of submission requirements for the Appstore. The requirement section’s options are now also correctly reflected in the built app.

New Features – Runtime

We know that there are a number of you testing with Runtime solutions, and we have got a number of updates in 3.3:

  • Location and LocationValues functions are now implemented
  • JSONGetElement is now implemented
  • Valuelists with secondary field are now implemented
  • Valuelists with filter table are now implemented

You will also be pleased to note that there are also some Runtime feature fixes in 3.3:

Fixes – Runtime

  • Group button children* now lay out correctly
  • GTRR* works when the target table is the same as the current table
  • Insert from URL now correctly decodes text content in all cases
  • commit/revert records can now be called in a commit/revert trigger

Thank you to all the testers who have been sending their findings to us, it is a tremendous help in moving LCFM Native towards version 1. We’re now beginning to see more and more solutions being successfully deployed, which is very exciting! Please keep testing and staying in touch with us as we continue to release new updates.

Chris ColmanBeta 3.3: Improvements to Android, iOS and Runtime deployment

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