Beta 3: Android App Store Bundle Support

by Heather Laine on October 4, 2021 No comments

Today we are pleased to bring you LiveCode for FM Beta 3. In this release we have added support for Android API30 and App Store Bundles.

Smaller Uploads

This means you can submit your apps to the Google Play store using the latest features available plus you no longer need to build an “all in” app with support for all possible formats. You can select your supported app formats and have separate uploads for each of them, making your app download for end users smaller and lighter.

M1 Plugin Support

As well as API30 support, we’ve also added native support on M1 Macs for the plugin LiveCode for FM needs to run.

40 Fixes and Enhancements

This release brings over 40 fixes and enhancements to the tool experience as well as to your compiled apps. Some stability issues on Big Sur have been addressed and tool usability improved. We have also highlighted the branding of LiveCode for FM throughout the tool, and the Android Build Service has been replaced by our very popular Partner Program offering which you can learn more about here.

Heather LaineBeta 3: Android App Store Bundle Support

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