Turn your FileMaker solution into a self-contained app in 3 easy steps

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Get ready to start testing your solution on Android or Mac. For Android, we recommend you have an Android device and its charging USB cable ready to hand.

2. Get your feature compatibility report

LCFM Native currently supports 88% of the total FileMaker feature set. There is a good chance it will support all the features in your solution out of the box. Our compatibility report you get during the trial will tell you exactly what features if any are not yet supported. This will help you decide which build option best suits your project needs (covered in step 3).

3. Build it yourself or let us do it for you

If after testing your solution everything is working well and all your critical features are supported then we recommend going ahead with our self service option. Get your User Pack, and start deploying for iOS, Android and Mac yourself. If however you find that some critical features are missing, this does not mean the end of the road for your app. With our Partner Service we will get your solution running on your target platform/s, add the features you need to the LiveCode for FM tool and test it thoroughly on our wide range of devices. Learn more about the Partner Program.

The Top 300 Drug Guide was developed in Filemaker Pro, and emerged as the iOS App with very little drama, as expected. LiveCode then enabled a seamless Android conversion, saving a great deal of time, complexity and frustration. The LiveCode team are as responsive and professional as their software..

LCFM Customer – Dr. Jonathan Upfal

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LCFM Native currently supports 88% of the FileMaker feature set. In many cases this is enough to support 100% of the features used in an app. During your free trial LiveCode for FM will tell you what features in your app are not supported yet if any. You can then choose between continuing service or using our Partner Program where we will add the extra feature support required.

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