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With 30 years of experience in the transportation industry MSB offers a powerful solution to manage all aspects of transportation needs. The app is a logistics app to track delivery drivers, and allow them to fulfil deliveries with signatures, pictures and barcode scanning included.

Project Requirements

Martin Bertrand from MSB Solutions adopted LiveCode for FM to allow him to deploy his solution into the field where a variety of devices were in use. The users and potential users of Martin’s solution require both iOS and Android support and LiveCode for FM is the answer to delivering this.

The initial client for the MSB solution is a large logistics and distribution company in Ontario Canada, MiniMax Express. They have multiple smaller contracts with companies like UPS and FedEx to deliver items in the region between Montreal and Toronto.

The drivers need to be able to use Android devices, hence the need for LCFM. Another crucial feature offered by LiveCode for FM is the ability to support online and offline syncing, as the the drivers using the MSB app may not always have a connection, but still need to collect and sync data with the system accurately.

Working with LiveCode for FM

Martin was a very early adopter of the LiveCode for FM tool as he realised this would be crucial to the success of the MSB solution. Our team worked closely with Martin to ensure the features he needed were added to LiveCode for FM to faithfully compile his solution on Android with online / offline synchronisation.

Martin used the LCFM native platform to deploy prototypes along the way to pitch to what was initially his potential client. Having won that client with the help of the early prototypes, Martin continued using the tool and testing thoroughly in the field.

As Martin adopted LiveCode for FM early when feature support was not where it is today, we would regularly jump on calls with Martin and address any issues he was finding, both strengthening his solution and the feature coverage in the LiveCode for FM tool.

LiveCode for FM has enabled me to offer the MSB solution to my clients within the logistics and transportation market without the platform being a barrier…

Martin Bertrand

Project Results

After thorough testing with his client in the field Martin successfully deployed his solution into the field and it is now being used successfully to track delivery drivers, and allow them to fulfil deliveries with signatures, pictures and barcode scanning.

Martin intends to deliver the MSB Solution to more clients across the transportation industry. Being able to run on Android was imperative to this solution being accepted by clients.

We asked Martin about the experience of working with the LiveCode for FM product…

“Throughout the development process, we frequently received support and help from the LCFM team. LCFM supported me and my project in a way that allowed me to deliver my project on time – this makes my experience with the LCFM team a very good one!”

Martin Bertrand – MSB

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