Update to Documentation for Beta 1

by Heather Laine on August 24, 2018 No comments

Work on the LCFM Native compiler is continuing apace. We hope to bring you Beta 2 soon, but in the meantime, we know many of you can’t wait to see your solutions compiling for Android. Working with the feedback we have received (thanks to everyone who has sent in the errors generated by the compiler!) we have added some new information to the user guide to help you get a single file solution working in the Beta 1 runtime, while we continue to work on the release quality runtime. You can view these updated docs here, or within your LCFM Native account if you have purchased the compiler.

If you are participating in our Beta program already, please don’t forget to keep sending in your reports, they are extremely valuable in helping us make progress on the next Beta. If you would like to become part of the beta program, you can join by purchasing your LCFM Native Compiler here.

Heather LaineUpdate to Documentation for Beta 1

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