LiveCode for FM Launched in Style at DevCon

by Heather Laine on July 25, 2017 No comments

Yesterday our team launched version 1.0 of LiveCode for FM at FileMaker DevCon. We decided to celebrate our Scottish roots by hiring a live bagpiper to make an entrance:

LiveCode for FM now supports building your solution for clients, and has even acquired some new pre-built components for launch: TakePhoto and Signature.

LiveCode for FM brings the easy English based coding of LiveCode to the much loved FileMaker database app builder on both Mac and Windows. The convergence of these two powerful technologies creates a ground breaking solution for creating native data driven apps with interactive user interfaces, multimedia and deep API integration.

A Natural Partnership

LiveCode has its roots in HyperCard, the natural coding language released by Apple in the 80’s, the same era that Apple also introduced FileMaker. Over the last 15 years LiveCode has gone from strength to strength and now comes full circle to empower FileMaker users everywhere.

A Game Changer

FileMaker excels at providing data driven capabilities while LiveCode excels at native app centric features. By running LiveCode applications within FileMaker you can create a whole new class of interactive app, rapidly, by using the unique strengths from each environment.

By combining LiveCode and FileMaker, you can build more sophisticated apps. You can:

    •  Display fully interactive content built in LiveCode within FileMaker
    •  Use LiveCode’s incredibly rich, deep feature set, with 30+ fully customizable interface objects and 5000+ language features built-in, plus flexible widgets and community built libraries for even the most sophisticated project
    •  Continue to use all of FileMaker’s great data toolset and rich business app building features
    • Integrate external systems including OS and complex web APIs
    • Create solutions on both Mac and Windows
    • Create solutions within FileMaker 14, 15 and 16
    • Embed custom components/functions/forms into your solutions with the plugin to deliver to clients
    • Add functions that are currently difficult or impossible in FileMaker, for example
        * A billing calculator
      1. * Survey tool
      1. * Tree data display
      1. * Animated chart
      1. * Rich text editor
      1. * Manipulate data going into or retrieved from FileMaker using natural English “chunk” expressions, traditional regular expressions, nested arrays, and a whole host of professional grade data manipulation tools.

LiveCode for FM includes a variety of editable samples to help you get started quickly, including a permanently free Dropbox connection utility, a connector to Google Drive, Take Photo tool, PDF selection tool, dialog editor, Script Workspace and Interactive Tutorial to show you how to build your own content.

Kevin Miller, our CEO (second from left in the photo above), has this to say:

“I’m delighted to announce the release of LiveCode for FM version 1.0. LiveCode for FileMaker lets you do things with FileMaker that you couldn’t do before. FileMaker has a great visual database engine, LiveCode is good at doing sophisticated interactive app user interfaces and integrating with any API out there. The two are very complementary to each other. The LiveCode language is based on English so not only can you now do more than you could ever do before with FileMaker, you can do it easier and faster.”

Welcome to the world, LiveCode for FM. Download it today and enjoy!

Heather LaineLiveCode for FM Launched in Style at DevCon

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